पीएम मित्र योजना : PM Mitra Scheme लाभ, विशेषता, घटक व कार्यान्वयन प्रक्रिया

PM मित्र योजना के लाभ | PM Mitra Scheme Apply Online | पीएम Mitra योजना कार्यान्वयन | पीएम मित्र योजना के लाभ

The cabinet committee has approved the पीएम मित्र योजना, under which 7 mega textile parks will be set up. The central government has allocated Rs 4445 crore for the next 5 years under the PM Mitra Scheme. The objective of the government behind launching the PM Mitra scheme is to establish a comprehensive integrated textile processing sector across the country. Which will work to aggregate the current sales value chain of textile products. Today we are going to provide you complete information about PM Mitra Scheme here in this article. Therefore, if you also want to know about this scheme in detail, then read our article carefully till the end.

पीएम मित्र योजना | PM Mitra Scheme

On 6 October 2021, the cabinet has approved new mega textile parks under the PM Mitra Yojana. The central government’s objective behind launching this new scheme is to create world-class infrastructure with plug and play facilities to enable large investments in exports. The park is a part of the government’s Form 252 Factory to Fashion to Foreign. Each park has the potential to generate 1 lakh direct and two lakh indirect jobs. In order to make the textile industry globally competitive and to generate employment and boost exports, the government had once again proposed Mega Investment Textile Park in the month of February. These parks will be set up on green field or brownfield sites located in different interested states.

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Purpose of PM Mitra Scheme

In today’s time the entire Bole range of textiles in India is sold in different parts and is fragmented. Some of which are given below.

  • Cotton grown in Gujarat and Maharashtra
  • spinning in tamilnadu
  • Processing in Rajasthan and Gujarat
  • Garmenting in Capital Region Bangalore Kolkata etc.
  • Exports from Mumbai and Kandla

This is the reason why the Government of India has started the PM Mitra Yojana to integrate the value chain of textile products. Many states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam, Karnataka have expressed their interest for PM Mitra scheme.

पीएम मित्र योजना के घटक [ Components ]

There will be a total of 2 parts of this new PM Mitra scheme being launched by the Government of India. The major component of this plan will be development support. The government says that according to an estimate the cost of setting up each park will be Rs 100 crore. Out of this, up to 30% of the project cost or up to Rs 500 crore in green field parks and up to Rs 200 crore in brownfield parks will be provided by the government as development capital assistance. In the second component of the scheme, competitive incentives will be provided by the government to the first movers who set up langar plants and hire at least 100 people. Under this formula, the business can secure Rs 10 crore per year for 3 years, up to a total of Rs 30 crore here. For your information, let us tell you that this is not a part of the existing PLI scheme.

Benefits of PM Mitra Yojana

The central government wants to set up a comprehensive integrated textile processing area around the park to be built under the PM Mitra Scheme. Following facilities will be included in Inna Mega Textile Park.

  • common service center
  • design center
  • Research and Development Center
  • training facilities
  • medical facilities
  • accommodation facilities
  • inland container terminal
  • logistics warehouse

The government envisions the PM Mitra scheme to work in tandem with the production linked incentive scheme in the textile sector. In September 2021, the central government had notified a PLI of Rs 10,683 crore. The objective of the government behind this was to especially promote the production of man-made fiber fabrics, MMF apparel and technical items. But now for a few months, the central government has made some changes in its basic standards for PLI by the Ministry of Textiles. While most PLIs will see changes to cut import dependence by targeting high-value goods, synthetic fibers such as rayon, nylon, polyester and acrylic and technical textiles that do not fall under any sector will be included. With these two schemes coming together in the picture, some good changes are expected in the falling investment and declining productivity.

Features of PM Mitra Scheme

For your convenience, we are going to provide a list of some of the main features of PM Mitra Yojana below.

  • Under this scheme 7 lakh direct and 14 lakh indirect employment opportunities will be generated.
  • The selection of the site to build this park will be done through the challenge method.
  • All facilities from weaving, dyeing, yarn cutting to textile will be made available in these parks.
  • Providing all the facilities in one park will also save on the cost of transportation.
  • Under this scheme, 50% of the space will be used for manufacturing and 10% of the area will be used for commercial work.
  • Not only this, special purpose vehicles will also be developed to make this park. This work will be jointly handled by the Central and State Governments, under which the PPP model will also be used.
  • 500 crore green field areas and 200 crore brownfield areas will be provided by the government under maximum capital.
  • Under this scheme, the government is trying to strengthen the domestic workers and companies at the international level.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Mitra Yojana

All Indian companies and workers associated with the textile sector can get benefits under the PM Mitra scheme. The government has come up with a scheme to improve their condition so that they can be recognized at the global level and they do not have to face tough challenges.

PM Mitra Scheme Online Application Process

Till now the central government has not released any information for application under PM Mitra Yojana. So now you have to wait for the next announcement of the government to get the benefits of the PM Mitra Scheme. Till then you can visit the official website of Ministry of Textiles for information related to this scheme. Apart from this, for your convenience, we will continue to provide all the updates related to the scheme here on our page. So you can also check the information by visiting this page of ours to see the continuous updates.

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